amaranth fig cookies

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amaranth fig cookies

The recipe for these amaranth, fig and sage cookies can be found over at The House of Yoga. These cookies are refined sugar-free, gluten-free and (optionally) vegan. You can easily use coconut oil instead of organic grass-fed ghee.


I have tried using amaranth in many, many ways. I have sprouted it, popped it, cooked it, steamed it and roasted it. I have used it as whole flour as well as a whole seed. But because of its grainy texture I have decided to only use it in crunchy recipes. Using amaranth in creamy dishes such as porridge does not float my boat. It is simply too sandy for my liking.

But amaranth is a pretty amazing seed and totally skipping it would be a shame. It has a slightly nutty flavour, is a complete protein and rich in both phosphorus and calcium. This makes it an important food for building or maintaining strong bones and teeth. It is also rich in non-haem iron and omega 3 brain boosting fats. This combination of nutrients makes amaranth perfect to those eating a plant-based diet.


Now head over to The House of Yoga and start making these gorgeous, nurturing, crunchy yet moist autumn inspired cookies!

Xoxo kyra.

'Amaranth can also be used in savoury crackers, sweet cakes and granola.'

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