garden bowl

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garden bowl

This healing bowl of green goodness contains all the fresh and crisp flavours spring provides. This lukewarm salad has rye as its base. Rye is one of the easiest grains to digest and has a light and lifting effect. This is exactly why eating rye is advised for people who feel down, dense and dull. The other ingredients in this dish further support these benefits. Green vegetables such as celery and lettuce help oxygen travel to every cell in your body, strengthening your immune system and increasing your energy level. Fava beans contain L-dopa, a nutrient that your body converts to dopamine, which will greatly enhance your mood. Result: you feel light, energetic, happy and ready to move mountains. Let me know, in the comments below, which mountains you chose to move after eating my garden bowl!


I have created a cooking video to show you how to make this garden bowl yourself. You can view it here. Happy watching and cooking all,

Xoxo kyra.

'Rye has a light and lifting effect. This is why it is advised for people who feel down, dense and dull.'


My garden bowl


Makes 2 portions

Takes 60 minutes (incl. cooking time)



4 hands dried rye


1 avocado

½ (green) apple

1 tbsp celery leaf

1 tbsp celery stick

1 tbsp raw or glazed onion

1 lime, juiced

2 large pinches sea salt

2 large pinches black pepper


2 hands garden or romaine lettuce

2 hands fava beans or peas

1 stalk of broccoli (only stalk)


4 tsp nigella seeds

Sea salt & pepper, to taste



Soak rye for 24 hours. Strain and rinse well. Cook at low fire in ample amount of clean water for approximately 60 minutes. The grain should not be mushy. When rye has cooked halfway through: cut woody parts off stalk of broccoli. Slice stalk in thin long broad strips. Place in pot with steam basket. Double pod favas so you have two hands of ready to use beans. Place in with the broccoli stalk. Steam with lid on for approximately 4 minutes. Let cool. Take flesh out of avocado and add to a bowl. Mash using a fork. Add lime juice. Cut apple in small cubes. Chop celery leaf and stick. Chop onion and fry in a skillet with a little bit of ghee or coconut oil, or use onion raw to make full use of its natural antibiotic effect. Add apple, celery and onion to avocado mash and mix well. Add sea salt and black pepper to taste. Wash and strain garden lettuce. In case you’re using romaine: cut into bite size strips. Place cooked rye in a bowl, leave some space for the green spring guacamole. Add guacamole. Leave some space for the salad. Mix broccoli stalk, fava beans and lettuce. Place salad in bowl with the rest. Sprinkle nigella seeds over salad and green spring guacamole. Serve with a wedge of lime.


Special thanks: location & backdrop. Thuis in Utrecht.

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