quicky: strawberry cress salad

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quicky: strawberry cress salad

A quicky is a simple and fast yet highly nutritious and delicious recipe. Because sometimes you need that extra minute saved to take a deep breath, dance, sit and observe, hug a friend, do laundry, drink mocktails in the park, save the world or salute the sun. Have fun!


Xoxo kyra.

'Let's drink mocktails in the park, save the world and salute the sun.'


Strawberry cress salad


Makes 2 side portions

Takes 5 minutes



2 tbsp amaranth, dry toasted

2 very large strawberries, crown removed

1 Hass avocado, no peel and no pit

1 hand watercress, leaves

1 small heritage green cherry tomato (optional)

2 tsp balsamic syrup / vinegar

2 tsp fresh basil / thyme

Sea salt

Black pepper



Heat your skillet and add 2 tbsp of amaranth. Dry toast for two minutes or so, whilst shaking the pan once every so often to prevent the amaranth seeds from burning. Turn heat off and let cool. Cut strawberries, avocado and (optionally) heritage tomato in cubes. Add watercress and fresh basil. Serve with homemade (sugar-free) balsamic syrup or organic balsamic vinegar. Flavour with sea salt and black pepper. Sprinkle with amaranth and serve.


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