raw noodle salad

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raw noodle salad

There are a few sayings and slogans I live by. I repeat them often and have written them down as reminders. They are in my diary, on my fridge and stuck on the wall of my home office. They are wise words that resonate with me and go with every single aspect of my life. They help me make decisions concerning what to eat, which clothing to (not) buy, what to do, where to go and which projects to say yes to. They guide me in the kitchen, on the work floor, behind the camera and before I pull my wallet.


One of these snippets of wisdom is ‘No more Yes. It’s either Hell Yeah! Or No.’ Keeping this saying by Derek Sivers in the back of my mind at all times makes it easier for me to choose only that which I truly care about. I only eat meals that scream ‘HellzYeah’ at me. I only buy clothes that I think are sublimely beautiful. I only choose to work on projects that make my heart sing.

We live in a boundless world, in which all is or should be possible. We have more options than our great-grandmothers and -fathers ever had. This is an amazing thing but also quite confusing. We are not guided to learn what it is we desire most. We are not encouraged to find out about our unique purpose in life. We are not taught to say no or set boundaries. We often choose that which our parents wanted for us or society prefers. To say no is not embraced. We often just go with whatever, because everything seems kind of nice or okay.


I have never done what is expected of me and have always walked my own path. But because of my endless enthusiasm I have made choices that were not really in line with who I am or what I stand for. I said yes just because they were presented to me with such joy and presence. Enthusiasm is truly infectious! Nowadays when I have to make a choice I stop and pause before I respond. I let it marinate and settle. I say to myself ‘Okay this sounds nice but is it me? This sounds nice but would I do a happy dance because of it? This sounds nice and all but is it a Hell Yeah?’. If the answer is no I just don’t.


Time is a precious thing that can only be spend once. Life is too short for so-so’s. Choose to fill your life, closet, home and heart with that which matters most. Learn what it is that makes your heart sing, dig that path, walk with confidence and dare to say no to stuff that does not make you flourish. Be specific. Have the courage to extract. Make your life a Hell Yeah! This truly is the formula to lead the most fulfilling of lives.


Happy Hell Yeah-ing!

Xoxo kyra.


The recipe below is one of my recent Hell Yeah meals ; ) And this is where you can find the accompanying COOKING VIDEO.

Further advised reading and viewing. Kinfolk. the Essentials Issue, Life Edited, We the tiny house people.

‘Life is too short for so-so’s. Choose to fill your life, closet, home and heart with that which matters most.’

Raw Noodle Salad


Makes 1 portion

Takes 15 minutes



1 kohlrabi

3 large shiitake mushrooms

1-2 large floret(s) cauliflower

1 small white onion

1 knob of coconut oil


2 tbsp peanut butter

3 tbsp hot water

2 tsp rice syrup

2 tsp tamari

½ tsp ground cayenne pepper


1 tsp black sesame seeds

Sprinkle cayenne pepper



Peel kohlrabi. Use your spiralizer (or sharp knife) to make noodles out of it. Place in large bowl. Combine ingredients named under sauce and place in blender, food processor or use bowl and whisk. Mix well until a homogenous smooth sauce appears. Mix sauce in with the noodles. Make sure they are fully covered. Chop onion in thin rings. Cut cauliflower lengthwise in thin strips. Remove stems from shiitake and cut lengthwise. Heat coconut oil in skillet and stir-fry onion, cauliflower and shiitake. Best is to do this separately. To save time, glaze onion first then add the rest. Keep a cup of water at hand and add splashes to cook fully. Let water evaporate, turn heat off and let cool. Mix in with the noodles, serve and sprinkle with sesame seeds and extra cayenne. (You can find the COOKING VIDEO for this raw noodle salad HERE)


Special thanks. marble by LIJNS. ceramics by INEKE VD WERFF.


  • Blandine

    06-08-2015 at 14:50 Reply

    Hi Kyra, thanks for such a beautiful article, your words really resonate with me. I also can’t wait to get hold of kohlrabi and give a try to the recipe, it looks divine! Have a beautiful day x

  • Ingrid

    06-08-2015 at 21:31 Reply

    Hell Yeah to this blog post. Echt heel goed gezegd. Ik begin ook steeds beter te begrijpen waarom deze benadering het beste voor me is. Bedankt dat je er me weer een aan herinnert!


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