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shampoo DIY

I started making my own shampoo when i noticed Lou, my (then) 9 month old daughter, developing an itchy rash on her one cheek prompt after her weekly bath. She was scratching her cheek and ear, sometimes to the point of bleeding. Every single time, a few days after each bath, the itching and rash disappeared again. I was using an organic, bio-dynamic, all natural baby shampoo* but this wasn’t cutting it. She obviously needed a gentler option. One her body loved.

All the organic store bought shampoos (even the bio-dynamic ones!) had tons of ingredients, many of which i do not agree with myself so i decided to be crafty.

I looked for a super simple organic and hypo-allergenic base (hypo-allergenic meaning the substance does not contain compounds that are known to cause allergic reactions) which led me to Dr. Bronners. Its basic liquid soap can be used as the foundation for the finest shampoos and body soaps you’ll ever come across. It works both for adults as well as babies, is very affordable and does not take a lot of time, or rocket science, to make. Here’s how I did it, and how you can be shampoo crafty too. Enjoy your homemade goodness!


Xoxo kyra.

'Let me show you my shine.'



Grab an empty shampoo bottle and fill her up with 200 ml (+-8,5 oz) water and 100 ml (+-1,5 oz) castile soap. To make the adult version: add two drops of organic essential oil. To make the baby version: leave the essential oils out. The oils might be too hefty and cause an (allergic) reaction to those with sensitive skin. To make an adult body wash that soothes and calms: add a tablespoon of organic aloe vera gel. To make an adult body wash that warms and nourishes dry and flaked skin: add a tablespoon of organic sesame oil.



Takes: 2 minutes

Needs: 946ml (32 oz) bottle of Dr. Bronners castile liquid soap unscented for baby-mild, 1 empty (used) shampoo bottle (glass or BPA free) that holds at least 300ml (a tiny bit more than 10 oz), optional: lavender or another organic essential oil, aloe vera gel or sesame oil.

Makes: one 300ml bottle (times nineteen)

Costs: 946ml (32 oz) bottle of Dr. Bronners costs €24,95. This will make nineteen 300ml bottles of shampoo which equals a mere €1,31 per bottle.


*Most babies don’t even need shampoo, since they remain all cute and bald-headed right up to the age of one or beyond. My daughter on the other hand… her hair flows way past her shoulders and frames her rosy cheeks. Since we apply coconut oil to her face daily (especially during wintertime!) it gets all oily hence our decision to rinse it during her weekly bath. Of course it is also perfectly okay to not use any shampoo, or use the method that works for you!

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  • Saskia Rosendaal

    24-03-2016 at 09:03 Reply

    Hey Kyra, did try to make your shampoo. Still think the result is a bit too liquid, with 200ml water and 100ml of Castel soap. It works allright though, but it will not stick to your hands. What is your experience?

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