why cleansing cosmetics

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why cleansing cosmetics

I have always been blessed with fairly flawless skin. People often asked me what my secret was and I did not have an answer. I had no special routine and to be quite frank I did not use any skincare products whatsoever. During my pregnancy my skin was at its best, nothing but glowing gorgeousness. This greatness continued during the first months after childbirth but abruptly ended when Lou was about 10 months old. I woke one day and found my forehead covered with skin-coloured bumps. Not long after I found they had spread to the skin around my ears, chin and all along my jaw. When stuff like this happens I always start an introspective investigation. There are three simple questions I ask myself. “What REALLY caused this? What changed during the period ‘the problem’ started to show? And, knowing the root cause, how can and will I solve it?”

The answers were as clear and simple as the questions. The breastfeeding era was slowly coming to an end and I had regained my period. My (estrogen) level had gone from radically low (something which is natural shortly after birth and especially with ladies who do extended breastfeeding) to boo-boo-booming. My body needed to find a new balance, experiencing one extreme after the next, and the spots on my face were visible signs of that transition.

The next question I asked was “How can I go to the root and solve it?” That’s when I came up with a plan, one that addressed the skin as well as the deeper levels of its outbreak. The plan involved a natural skincare routine, the addition of hormone balancing foods and me pausing the use of foods that could have a negative effect on my hormone levels. Outbreaks, infection and redness are usually a sign of ‘too much’. And this period of time was especially active, busy and full. I decided I needed more rest, cooling, calming and moving meditation to reestablish balance during this somewhat hectic period. You will find my full plan below.


All in all it took a couple of months for my skin to clear up but it did not regain its full glow and glisten. That was the main reason why I chose to embark on a weeklong smoothie detox. And you know what? Before I knew it radiance was back! For me it was another perfect example of how we need to address the very root of the problem and not only the superficial symptoms. A perfect example how every period of life requires a different approach, some delicately subtle, some more rigorous, but always driven by consciousness and care. I am continuing my routine as the condition of my skin still slightly fluctuates with my monthly cycle. My body has once again showed me how there’s no such thing as a quick fix. Time and attention are KEY. Hope you enjoy my cleansing cosmetics recipes and the accompanying DIY video. Don’t forget to cherish your own luminous luster gorgeous!


Xoxo kyra.

'My body has once again showed me how there's no such thing as a quick fix. Time and attention are KEY.'


1.Use maca powder daily, 1 teaspoon added to a smoothie.

2.Up water intake to a total of 2-2 ½ liter per day.

3.Stop drinking daily coffees and subbing them with THIS CAYENNE SPIKED SMOOTHIE or THIS MATCHA INFUSED ONE.

4.Restart my (daily) yoga practice.

5.Introducing a daily, weekly and monthly skincare routine.


MACA powder is a powerful hormone balancer. It is a strength providing ancient root vegetable that is traditionally given, in the form of a powdered liquid, to weak babies over at my native South-America. This makes it, in my humble world, also perfectly okay to use as a breastfeeding mommah. Feel free to investigate for yourself.


WATER. Need I say more? Whenever there is a health problem, first start with re-hydrating. It is the cheapest and most powerful medicine there is. I use dutch tap water, upgraded to filtered and alkalized water with this quality, easy to use and affordable filtering system. You can add a pinch of unrefined (grey coloured) sea salt to your glass of water to make it extra healing.


COFFEE consumption challenges the hormonal system and can result in adrenal fatigue. That makes drinking coffee when stressed out slightly problematic, as stress by itself (without the help of coffee) is known to suck the life out of the adrenals. To reset and rebalance the hormones at the root, it is therefore best to pause your consumption of coffee for a while (I paused mine for 10 days) and use hormone supporting coffee subs instead. I have created these three delicious nutritious options for you to choose from.


SLOWING DOWN, yoga, tai chi, meditation, nature walks or deep breathing. You pick whatever rocks your boat and start taking it easy. Acute infection and redness are often a sign of ‘too much doing’ and invites you to simplify and introduce deep levels of relaxation. In my case, hot yoga and sauna visits made the redness worse so cooling practices might be more appropriate at this stage.


Starting, or adjusting, your SKINCARE routine might be greatly beneficial. My ’bye bye outbreak’ routine included daily, weekly and monthly care. I’d use the pimple relief mist in the morning, before applying a healing serum. In the evening I’d clean my face with the cool & clean pads before refreshing using the pimple relief mist and hydrating using a night cream. During this breakout period, I’d enjoy two facial masks per week. One was the below mentioned overnight oats mask. The other an exfoliating mask by Dr. Alkaitis. I also started seeing a beautician every two months or so. She’d give me an update regarding the condition of my skin, clean it thoroughly and give me skincare tips to use at home.


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    Hi Kyra, de link naar ‘these three healthful coffee subs’ werkt niet. Waar kan ik die pagina vinden?
    Prachtige website heb je, heel inspirerend!

    • Kyra

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      hi inge,
      dank je wel voor je berichtje en complimenten voor mijn site!
      ik zal de link naar de coffee subs vandaag aanpassen, tot gauw : )
      happy day! xoxo kyra.

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    Enkele dagen geleden kwam ik terecht op je prachtige website. Ik heb al eerder genoten van je prachtige boek daytox en dit is weer een heel mooie aanvulling van je werk. Bij dit artikel over Natural cleansing cosmetics kan ik de link van de receptjes niet openen die bij de video hoort. Groetjes! Lieve

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