3 ways to reuse stale bread

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3 ways to reuse stale bread


May 24th 2019


Stale bread, so sad. Right?!

I wonder how many times, in how many households, half a loaf gets thrown out because it has lost its fluffy allure?

I bet A LOT! Because I used to do it too!

Below I share our no waste bread buying ways, our bread storing technique and ideas to revive and reuse bread when it has gone stale.


Bon appetit! Merci!

Xoxo Kyra.



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I look forward to tuesdays, when our local baker drops of his fresh loaves and we get to eat (and smell!) soft gooey slices. The bread we buy is sourdough levain, made from organic stone milled Dutch grain. It has been left to ferment for days, to the point where the bread looses its gluten but keeps its fluffy appeal. I think, foodwise, there’s not a whole lot better than this actually.


We buy whole loaves and bring our own organic cotton bags to carry and store them in. Leaving them whole helps the bread to remain fresh for longer yet there’s no preventing the crust from hardening and the bread from going slightly stale, at some point in time. Throwing away this amazing bread never been an option so we got creative with ways to revive or reuse the bread once stale.


First of all, we slice up the stale bread and store it in the freezer. This can be done in the same cotton bags we use to carry and keep them in. The bread than patiently awaits its reuse.




1.To make croutons.

This is everyone faourite, at least in our household. Sourdough croutons add depth and crunch and body to the green summer salad we harvest and make ourselves. Yoshi makes the croutons with bread straight from the freezer. We enjoy it preferably al fresco. We carry our balcony table and chairs out to the front of our home and place them on the sidewalk. While the late spring sun warms our faces.


2.To bake bread cake.

One of the most delicious things I remember my mother making when I was a child was slightly sweet bread cake from stale bread, with raisins. It is so perfect. Super nutritious, easily freezeable and a wonderful thing to take as a quick breakfast, an add on to picnics and an addition to your childs lunchbox.


3.To add to (gazpacho type) soups.

To make soups thicker I sometimes add the inner part of the bread, not the crust. I let it soak in the soup for a bit then place the whole lot in the blender and create the creamiest liquid. Adding bread to soup is very popular in Spanish cuisine. Gazpacho and gazpacho like soups get their distinct creaminess from the addition of bread. Such a delicious way to reuse that bready goodness!


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