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‘if the answer is complex, it is not the answer.’




Kyra is a certified naturopath, an internationally published and awarded author, independant food creative and a developer of innovative lifestyle concepts with a distinct focus on regenerative living.


Her work invokes a sense of quiet wonder. It aims to show natural beauty infused with pure simplicity, stillness and pause, as a means to reconnect with what is truly essential.


On top of her personal projects Kyra also works as a conscious content creator (photography and copy) with and for other sustainable, holistic and/or artisanal businesses.  She is the content creator for Yoga Magazine’s culinary spread and has worked with local companies such as BEHOUT, brandt, JC Herman, PHOOD, Happinez, Gottmer and BBB health boutique as well as global brands such as YOGITEA, Prolaterre and Stråla Yoga.


Kyra resides in Utrecht, The Netherlands, with her musician, songwriter and producer husband Yoshi and their daughters Lou (6) and Sami (2).


Kyra has given me insight into the importance of good food and foremost to have fun with it! It never seizes to amaze me how my food choices influence both my body and mind. Some health coaches forget every day life and have a tendency to be dogmatic. Kyra, on the other hand, is compassionate and radiates positive vibes.

Vivienne van den Assem

Actrice and presentor

“Kyra de Vreeze is a magical fairy princess of radiant health and tasty treats. Kyra's Kitchen transports you into a world of culinary wonder where everything you'll prepare and eat will be the most deliciously gorgeous meals imaginable. Prepare to illuminate, get ridiculously happy, and have a lot of fun!”

Tara Stiles
Founder of Strala, yoga teacher and writer

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