DIY beeswax birthday candles

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DIY beeswax birthday candles


Lou turned 7 this week and instead of buying candles we decided (in line with our intention to buy as little as needed) to use what we already had available in the house and make our own beeswax birthday candles. I have organic beeswax in our pantry at all times, as an ingredient for the skincare products I diy, for craft projects and to make candles. We use it consciously, as liquid gold. Although we have made candles, we had never before made these small birthday candles. They are such a joy and oh so easy to create. Beeswax is such a magic and versatile material. (Thanks and all credits to the mighty bees!)


Below we share how you can make these beeswax birthday candles yourself, no experience needed!



Xoxo Kyra.


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DIY beeswax birthday candlesmaak je eigen bijenwas verjaardagskaarsjes




What you need:

Beeswax, granules or block.

Wick string

2x high glass jar or tin

Large soup pot

Hot water

Piece of cloth or thick rubber band


How to make the candles:

Pour hot water in a large soup pot. Put a piece of cloth or thick rubber band on the bottom of the pot. Place beeswax granules in tall glass jar. Place the jar with beeswax in the pot with hot water, on the cloth or rubber band. Turn the heat on very low fire. Make sure the water temperature stays just below boiling. Wait until all of the beeswax has melted. Cut the wick string in however many pieces you want. Lou turned 7 so we made 7. Make sure the pieces of wick string are approximately 14 cm long. Fill the second jar with cool water.

Take one piece of wick. Hold the end of it. Dip it into the jar with beeswax. Wait one second. Dip it into the jar with cool water. Wait a second. Pull the wick straight. Dip into the jar with beeswax. Dip it into the cool water.  Continue this a few times until you have the desired thickness. Hang the candle to dry and take a second piece of wick. Continue until all pieces of wick are candles. Hang them to dry. Store them till use.


Extra: Let the jar with beeswax cool and put a lid on it. Store it for future use. Reuse the cool water in the other jar to water your plants.


make your own beeswax birthday candles


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