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July 19th 2017


Does your wardrobe burst at the seams? Do you own items of clothing that don’t fit well and are of poor quality? Does your wardrobe contain shirts that you haven’t worn for years but keep because ‘you never know when’? Are you sick of randomly buying stuff? If so, feel free to consider the advantages of ‘less’ and ‘simple’ and get inspired by the principle of capsule wardrobing. I will tell you more about it below.


Love, Kyra.


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What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothing you find truly essential. Items you simply can’t do without, because you find them breathtakingly beautiful and they fit superbly. It is a small collection of around 30 items you can mix and match easily to create a wide variety of looks. You will wear these 30 items exclusively, during one season. For example thoughout summer. Part of that capsule can and will be taken with you to next season, for example autumn. You will subtract a few summer items, like a summerdress and a bathingsuit, and will add a few autumn items like a cardigan and a scarf. The summer clothes can be stored away until next year. This way you ensure every capsule is season appropriate and contains a mere 30 pieces, always.


The benefits

When you own a limited amount of clothing you have less stress when having to choose an outfit. You will waste less money and will become more creative with what you do own. You will buy more consciously, which will make it easier for you to focus on quality. Practicing capsule wardrobing has us make room for what we find significant, on every level imaginable. Capsule wardrobing is never Spartan but always about making space for things that truly matter.


How to begin?

Follow these three simple steps to start creating your very own capsule wardrobe.


1.LOOK. Place all the clothes, accesories and shoes you own on your bed. Look at what you have, how much money you’ve spend on it and the items you will never wear again. This gives clarity.


2.SORT. Make four piles. Pile 1 contains all of the items you truly love. Pile 2 contains the items you are not sure of. You want to keep them but you don’t know why. Pile 3 contains the items you want to donate. They are still wearable but don’t fit you, your taste or your lifestyle. Pile 4 contains items you need to throw away or recycle. They are in poor condition. Go on with sorting until your bed is totally empty. Place the items you want to donate in a box and drop them off IMMEDIATELY. Throw away the items you need to throw away IMMEDIATELY. You know why. Drop off at a recycling point if possible. Look at the remaining piles. Put on clothes you are not sure of and ask yourself these questions: Would i buy this items again today? Will I wear it these coming months? Be honest.


3.CHOOSE. Make a list of 30 favourite pieces. Start with what you wear daily. For example: CLOTHING: jeans, dress, skirt, t-shirt, jacket. JEWELLERY: ring, bracelet. ACCESORIES: sunglasses, purse, backpack, scarf. SHOES: sandals, boots. These are 13 items. This means you still have room for 17 more items. A guideline is to have +-22 pieces of clothing, 2 pieces of juwellery, 5 accesories and 4 pairs of shoes. Underwear, sleep- and sports wear are extra. They are not part of your 30 piece capsule.


And now?

Inspired to continue your capsule wardrobing experiment? These capsule planners and caspule wardrobe experts will help you carry on! and And what about at the capsule look I’ve created for summer? Find out more about it by scrolling down.


organic fairfashion sustainable shoes sandalscollage sustainable capsule wardrobe summer


Capsule look

To give you an idea what a capsule look might look like, I collected some of my favourite pieces. Every single one of these items is sustainable and fair. They are perfect mix and match items that can and may be worn in different ways. These clothes are also suitable for spring and may even be part of my fall capsule. Because of their quality they will last, and I will be able to enjoy them again next year.


The long skirt is available from one of my favourite local shops, Adiuvantes. This boutique focusses on simplicity, earth tones and natural materials. Adiuvantes carries sutainable brands such as Petrucha and Baserange. The skirt can be worn dressed up with a delicate top and sandals or may be worn casually with sneakers and a shirt. I might even wear it in winter with a wool sweater and warm tights.


The necklace has been designed by and is available at The Domestic Botanist, a boutique that also carries the most beautiful organic knits and dainty little bonsai. The amulet has been made by hand, locally, from fair gold. It suits every look and every season.


The top is available at Verse good store, a concept shop that focusses on fair and vegan style. They carry brands like Friday’s Project, a European family owned business that aims to work trend-less with sustainable and no-waste materials. The top looks great on high waisted jeans, as well as this feminine skirt. If you add a mustard coloured cardigan it is ready to be worn throughout fall.


The handmade sandals are made from recyclable rope and are available at Vega-Life. They fit great, feel super soft, can be washed in the washing machine and are practically indestructable. Socks in sandals look super cute, if you ask me. I will wear these sandals with wool socks, and a pair of high waisted jeans, during the colder months ahead.


Special thanks to model, Iris Josephina.

Shoot styling, production and photography Kyra. at Kyra’s Kitchen.

Items mentioned and shop sponsorship has been carefully curated by Kyra.

Copyright on all images.

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    Loved this article! I looked into this kind of thing as well and need to get rid of so much junk. You’re inspirational as always!

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