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Chances are you’ve just read my article on how to support healing after giving birth and heard me rave about my cooling and healing childbed pads. Giving birth is a magical and otherworldly experience but letting your baby pass safely through the birth canal may also bruise you a bit down under. To help myself heal vaginally I bought some healing ingredients and prepared pads that would help me postpartum. The idea was that these pads would cool the potential burning sensation and would accelerate the healing of bruises and or tears. I started using them a few hours after giving birth and Lord was I thankful. They were an instant relief and made my childbed period even more pleasurable and comfortable. I am such a big fan of these pads that I’ve decided to share the recipe with you. Just make sure to use non-toxic pads and non-toxic ingredients to not burden your body but simply support it at healing. In The Netherlands women get maternity pads in their (free) delivery and maternity gift box. I advise you not to use these but buy your own organic ones. Watch and hear my friend Mariah explain why you’d best not use regular sanitary pads. Her story is profound and will, without a doubt, help you take charge of your own health, during and long after your childbed period has ended. This way you will not only heal your current cuts but you will set yourself up for a bright future as a healthy happy newborn mama.


Happy delivery, peaceful healing and a bright future to you and your family, Lady!

Xoxo kyra.

‘These postpartum pads cool the potential burning sensation and accelerate the healing of bruises and or tears.’



25 Non-toxic menstrual pads, multiple sizes*

100 ml Witchhazel**

1-2 tbsp Aloë Vera gel (optional)***

Ziploc bags




Peel your organic Aloë Vera leaf, peel and use the inner gel. Place in a clean bowl with Witchhazel and whisk until gel and water are one. You may also choose to use a sterile hand-blender to get an even better result. Place the contents of the bowl in spray bottle.

Take 10-15 maternity pads and start spraying each of them individually. It takes about 20 sprays per piece to get the whole pad covered in liquid. Make sure to spray the middle of the pad a little extra, since that’s the spot where you’ll need it the most. Fold the pad back so it’s ‘closed’ and place in ziploc bag. You’ll be able to fit a couple of maternity pads into one ziploc bag. Do the same with the (10-15) thinner pads. Make sure you put them back in their individual wrappers before putting them into the ziploc. If you don’t do this, the pads will stick to the bag and you will tear them when taking them out. You’ll be able to fit more of these thinner pads into one ziploc. Place all bags in the freezer and wait for THE moment to come ♡ You’ve done it, Lady! You have safely and happily helped your baby enter this world. A.BIG.AND.MAGICAL.DEAL. Now let others (husband, mother, sister, friends) take care of you. Have someone grab you a tick pad from the freezer and let the cooling and healing begin!


TIP: Start making the cooling & healing childbed pads at least 2-4 weeks before your due date, just to make sure you have them ready when you need them.


Products I’ve used:

For the first 3-4 days after delivery: thick pads from Natracare*

After that: thinner pads from Yoni* (I use these also when I’m menstruating)

Witchhazel** by BALMBALM made from natural, organic, non-toxic ingredients

Aloë Vera gel***, preferably from the fresh leaf: organic, peeled, liquefied and diluted


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  • Caroline

    29.06.2015 at 13:47 Reply

    Great, many thanks! Just ordered all the ingredients… Now let’s hope they arrive before the baby does 😉 if not, still ok off course!

  • Iris

    29.06.2015 at 18:44 Reply

    Good combo of herbs!! ( : Organic cotton pads are super super awesome! But they are even better when they are reusable and made from traditional healing plants used by traditional midwives that help heal down there! My friend Claire from Taiwan is the creator of LoveladyPads– in Nepal they have a work shop owned and ruled by women who handmake the pads. I’m trying to get them to Holland cause they really are the best ones i’ve ever used ((: really really soft ánd Good for our mama Earth!Keep an eye out!xoxo

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