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A sick child is a scary thing. I remember the first time our baby girl got the flu, high temperatures and all. My normal confident and trusting self was momentarily lost and I had to go looking for her. Luckily I know a fair bit about the principle of getting ill: I view flu as a wonderful opportunity to build a strong immune system, and have a collection of natural healing techniques to support this process. I have a vision, some knowledge and techniques but none of this rational thinking could help prevent an emotional reaction. A feeling of pure fear for my childs wellbeing. As soon as I noticed this I dug deep to grab my trust (Let’s say I had to dig a few times during that first day) and started doing what felt natural and smart. I’ll share some basics: a homemade rehydrating ORS* recipe and some healing food tips that will prepare you practically for sickness**. As for the emotional part: fear is a very poor motivator, trust your gut and follow that!


Xoxo kyra.


*This recipe and these tips are also great for adults!

**Of course, it’s always a good idea to check in with your GP first

'Trust (your gut)'


Flu and diarrhea

High body temperatures (or increased sweating and diarrhea) increase the need for fluids. Your babe needs to drink to replenish liquid and minerals. Normally kids struggle getting anything in while sick so making sure the fluid you DO get in is as rehydrating as possible is a marvelous idea. This is why homemade ORS is such a wonderful addition to your natural apothecary. Make it on the day of use and half the below recipe for (small) babies. Have her sip the drink throughout the day. It may take a bit more effort to have her drink but keep offering and, drop by drop, this medicine will enter her system.


ORS recipe


½ tsp unrefined sea salt

1 tsp baking soda

8 tsp whole palm sugar (or coconut blossom nectar)

240 ml organic orange or apple juice, fresh, squeezed*

760 ml (filtered) drinking water

Water pitcher, minimal 1 liter


*If your baby is still small, <12 months, use fresh squeezed apple juice. If your babe is a toddler or child, use fresh apple or orange juice.



Put sea salt, baking soda and palm sugar in water bottle. Add 240 ml freshly squeezed orange juice (use apple juice with babies) and top with water. Close and shake well. Serve throughout the day of preparation, sip by sip.



Feel free to print the ORS recipe and stick it in your wallet. Let’s hope you won’t need it but in case you do: you’ll be prepared practically whilst on holidays, this summer and beyond.

Another idea is to prepare half a dozen of sachets containing the exact amount of dry ingredients (unrefined sea salt, baking soda and palm sugar) before you leave on your trip. This way you’ll have the best ingredients and the right amount at hand and will only need to add some fresh quality juice and filtered water, available at almost every location possible.


Additional food TIPS:

Another way of replenishing lost minerals is by using seaweed. Add a large stamp-sized piece of kombu to the rice gruel or oat porridge you’re cooking for your child. The minerals will travel from the piece of kombu to the cooking water so make sure you serve your child the whole thing and don’t throw the water out before serving. In case of diarrhea: add a bit of carob powder to your little ones gruel, porridge or mashed banana. Carob powder is made from a bean that has amazing colon calming qualities.

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