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The new year has started upbeat and full of energy. My husband went abroad for work, leaving Lou and I as a girl team for over a week. I decided (on top of work, care and play) to repaint the kitchen, redesign our bookshelves and continue work on the nursery. I came up with over ten ideas for articles, both for the journal and for some of the magazines I work for. I took time for my yogapractice, for self-massage and lenghty home spa sessions. I slept well and cherished everything on my path. It’s amazing what mood does to a person. I have always been an optimistic soul but still, I am awed by the not-to-be-missed charged and determined energy that has taken over my persona. No doubt flamed by the little person growing inside of me. Today I’ll share with you some of the beautiful things that have tinted life bright this month. Objects and experiences that have ignited my engines, put a smile to my face and a spring in my step. Scroll down for some start-of-the-year inspiration.


Xoxo Kyra.



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1.The winter light in my studio.

2.The LOOF node tafel* pictured. Holymoly this table is divine. Handcrafted in The Netherlands from oak and birch wood. How lucky am I to have it adorning my studio?

3.LIEFKE magazine*. A new Dutch magazine, focused on slow and intentional living, I instantly fell in love with.

4.This Oji Masanori dessert cutlery I bargain-bought second-hand from Marktplaats, the Dutch version of Craigslist.

5.Organic white grapes, because they are my current pregnancy fettish.

6.These gorgeous sustainably made Béton femme moccasins my husband gifted me for Christmas.

7.The knitted wool crown my multi-talented friend Sarah Jane made for Lou. (Crowns coming to her webshop soon!)

8.Dried flowers and grasses ‘sprinkled’ around our home.

9.A blush pink and yellow (mustard, meadowlark, ochre) colour palette.


More favourites:

These beautiful objects and ideas for coffee and ritual.

This interview with above mentioned designer Oji Masanori.

An ayurvedic copper goblet for beauty and health.

An intruiging self-care interview with one of my favourite creators.

Intentional sparseness.


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*Products gifted by talented and well-curated makers. Many thanks to these amazing businesses for collaborating with Kyra’s Kitchen.

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