quicky: lemongrass lemonade

A quicky is a simple and fast yet highly nutritious and delicious recipe. Because sometimes you need that extra minute saved to take a deep breath, dance, sit and observe, hug a friend, do laundry, drink mocktails in the park, save the world or salute the sun.


This recipe is definitely simple and easy yet takes a bit of time. Because… the longer it gets to steep, the tastier it is. That’s what I love about slowfood, it really does pay off! But no worries, you only need about 5 minutes of hands on work and NO cooking experience whatsoever. It is DEAD simple labour that results in a drink to feats on LIFE. Since I don’t really drink alcoholic beverages (I have a natural aversion against the taste of everything and anything that contains alcohol) I am always on the look out for nutritious delicious mocktails: non-alcoholic drinks that add to health as well as (flavour) fun.


This lemongrass lemonade will be served at my home tonight, before and after the clock says 00.00. I will raise it to celebrate the beautiful year we were gifted with and to salute all of the unknown adventures that will string together to make up 2016. My lemongrass lemonade is perfectly celebrative for New Years, birthdays, gatherings, just-becauses and weekend nights. Drink this refreshing liquid with raw honey as the sweetener of choice (and a sprinkle of bee pollen on top) and it turns from a healthful festive drink into a pure and powerful cleanser or anti flu medicine. Are you raising a glass of this golden ‘spirit’ with me?


Wishing you all the love for the new year,

Xoxo Kyra.


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'Lemongrass, lemon leaves, lemon juice and honey team up to rid your body from flu or toxins. Perfect spirit-lifting January food!'


Lemongrass lemonade


Makes 750 ml

Takes 5 minutes (+cooking and steeping time)



2 stalks of lemongrass

1 hand dried lemon leaves

1250 ml (filtered) water

2 tbsp bergamot lemon (or lime) juice

5 tbsp fine (light coloured) coconut blossom sugar or raw honey

Beepollen (optionally as a garnish)



Cut the lemongrass stalks lengthwise then cut them horizontally. Place them in a large soup pot. Add lemon leaves and 1250 ml (filtered) water. Bring to a boil and turn heat to low. Let simmer for approximately 60 minutes. Turn heat off, leave the lemongrass and leaves in and add lemon juice and sweetener. Stir and add the peel of the lemon or lime you were using. Let cool at room temp then place the pot in the fridge, covered with a lid. Let steep overnight.


*All of the ingredients mentioned above can be bought at your local healthfood store or organic supermarket.


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photos, recipe and text (c) copyright kyra. @ kyra’s kitchen.

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