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August 16th 2018


My maternity leave has been a bit challenging. Lou was sick with flu, ear infections and chickenpox four times during the first seven weeks of Sami’s life. I lost two litres of blood immediately after delivery and upping my iron count didn’t go as fast as one would have hoped. This resulted in me feeling ever so tired after the initial adrenaline rush of birthing our second babe.


As you’d expect my nights with a ten week old (and a four year old getting used to the new family dynamics) are still broken. I sleep a lot less than needed. I have not really had any time alone, something which normally helps me to reconnect and reenergize. My body is still affected by the loss of blood. I am lightheaded and wake up tired. But through all of this I have found ways to rest and replenish. I have found tiny ways to up my energy without the use of my usual recipe of solitude and sleep.


I have become more conscious about the actions (other than food, yoga and sleep) that give me energy and the actions that do not. I cherish these tiny things and moments intensely. Inspiration, and other peoples creative work, has been a great energy source. Reading inspiring books filled with beautiful images gives me energy. Delicious smells give me energy. Listening to interesting people and their stories gives me energy. Staring at art gives me energy. Heading out in nature with my family gives me energy. Making our home cosy gives me energy.


Below I share which specific items have been inspiring to me. These things pull me into rest mode quickly and easily and have therefore proven to be true energy boosts. They are beads of healing and respite, that have started to form a necklace of renewed strength. Slowly but surely my tired body is catching up with my vital and optimistic mind. Which actions, other than food and sleep, have the power to pull you into rest and healing mode quickly and effortlessly?


Love, Kyra.




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The Monocle guide to cosy homes. My home is my harbour.



Podcast: Hurry slowly & Raw Milk. This summer I ‘discovered’ podcasts. I know, I’m soooooooo behind.



Art by Kayla Gale and TULSI. Simple lines have invoked all sorts of emotions and imaginations.



A short holiday to a tinyhouse in the woods, close to our home. First trip as a family of four!



Brandt’s honeysuckle candle, Tangent’s fir handcream and sunscreen. I have been absolutely OBSESSED with smells these past ten weeks. It is something new to me as I have never been into scented candles, diffusers, handcreams and natural perfums before. On my smell obsessed wishlist is ABEL perfume: a gift I plan to give myself asap.



Swopped our old tired wardrobe for a smaller vintage design dresser. A great reason to declutter my husbands mountain of clothing and gain more space and clarity.



Pumped breastmilk can be used as nurturing skin treatment when added to babies bath water.

One tree has the cooling powers of ten airconditioners.

There’s a type of iron supplementation that does not have the negative side effects (diarrhea, constipation, bowel problems) regular iron pills have. This type of iron is easy on the belly and absorbed in the most efficient of ways. It’s called  nano iron and I am take them right now.


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