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So much of my time is spend in the kitchen, it has started to represent my life, my hearth, my home, my love. And as I love all things slow, earth sweet, simply pretty and naturally nourishing, my kitchen breathes also that. Today I’d like to share with you my four new favourites for the natural, organic, loved and non-toxic kitchen. Hope you enjoy these gems just as much as I do!


Xoxo Kyra.


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1.Tylko is a design company after my own heart. Their bespoke furnishings add a touch of beauty, practicality, mindfulness and quality to the home. All of the products are custom-made and crafted to last a lifetime. Not only are the tables, shelves and kitchenwares custom-made, they are in fact custom designed. The Tylko customer has been given the opportunity to personalize the furnishings of their choice to their specific taste and desire. Need a shelving system that’s the exact size of your odd-sized wall and holds records as well as books? Done. Looking for a simple and minimal table for two? Or rather have a pop of colour and room for many more? Done. Wanting to add a pinch of sustainable style to your spice rack? Done. Tylko’s innovative thinking helps you to express your personality, infuse it into your home and love it for life.

My favourite Tylko pieces include the family sized HUB table in natural beech wood with straight or flared legs, and the Totem Mill. This pretty spice mill, that will grind peppercorns as well as many other spices, is one of my new kitchen favourites because of its timeless aesthetics and endless practicality.

The mill has been made from turned beech wood with an untreated interior. Your herbs touch raw wood only, before they are ground by a durable ceramic mechanism. Ceramics have the advantage of not transfering any (metallic) taste, or smell, onto your food. These two assets ensure your spices maintain their initial quality and purity.

It took 3 weeks for this gorgeous gadget to get crafted by hand and make its way towards my home. A slow process that enables quality, soul and conscious consumerism.


Would like your very own Totem Mill, HUB table or Ivy bookshelf? Tylko and I are honoured to offer you a 15% discount on all products. Simply add the discount code tylkoxkyra at check-out.


(Kyra does not earn any commisions by collaborating with Tylko)


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2.Love a chilled drink on a hot summers day? But dislike the fact that cubes melt and water down your drink? Sagaform comes to the rescue. This Scandinavian design firm created ‘ice cubes’ made from recycled granite stone. You simply store the stones in your freezer, wait for the temperatures to soar and add them to your drink. They don’t cool as much as regular ice cubes but they do add a subtle chill and dash of all natural pretty to your glass. They help me keep a cool head when the heat is bewildering, without going straight into brain-freeze mode. This is why they are one of my new kitchen favourites.




3. Re-sack has actually been a longtime favourite of mine. I’ve used these organic cotton storage bags for years, to make nutmylk with. The bags come in various shapes and sizes and are produced by a Dutch company called MADE sustained. The owner, Sjoerd, was inspired by the city of Los Angeles and their policy to forbid the distribution of free plastic bags. Re-sacks can be taken along grocery shopping to hold your fruits and vegetables. They replace the small plastic bags provided at the produce section of most markets. I started to notice how many of these plastic bags I gathered per week, even though I shop at organic shops exclusively. I started to re-use these plastic and biodegradable bags but still felt troubled by the amount of waste I was creating. Re-sack solves this problem. If you have a packaging free store in your hood: even better. You can bring these along and fill them with dried fruit, nuts, beans and grains, as well as the suggested vegetables and fruits.




4. Beeswrap is a sustainable, non-toxic and waste-free way of storing foods. Use beeswrap instead of (health and earth damaging) aluminium or plastic foil to cover or wrap (cut) vegetables, fruits, cheese or bread in. The wrap has been made from organic cotton, soaked in beeswax and jojoba oil. This combination wards off bad bacteria, making sure your food stays fresh longer. These wrappers are one of my new kitchen favourites. They ooze tradition, slow, cherishing goodness, health and earth love. To clean my beeswrap I simply use cold water and, if need be, a bit of all natural dishwashing liquid. I line-dry and have it ready for re-use in no time at all.




Photos and text (c) (copyright) kyra. at kyra’s kitchen.


  • valentina | sweet kabocha

    12.05.2016 at 09:10 Reply

    I love this post. I’m trying to follow a more sustainable lifestyle day after day and this is so helpful! xo

  • Tamara

    13.05.2016 at 12:45 Reply

    Lovely post. I have been using the re-sacks for making nut mylk too haha! I am a total fan of the beeswraps as well. Apparently it’s very easy to make them yourself: 🙂

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