naturopathic first aid kit

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naturopathic first aid kit


Since summer holidays are here I thought it useful to share our naturopathic first aid kit. This kit, filled with natural remedies for all ages, is usually stored in our family bathroom but will travel with us on any and every overnight stay. I am aware that many of you will stay at home this summer, but I am also aware that many of you will go on trips in your own country or even travel by car to further destinations. This post is for all of you, no matter how close you’re staying or how far you’re traveling!

When an accident happens, or your child falls ill, you want to be prepared and not worry about not having the right medicine. You want to give your attention to the one who’s injured, not spend your energy on having to make a swift and stressful trip to an apothecary. And in my case, I prefer that medicine to be as non invasive and as holistic as possible. This kit has saved me many times, during weekends at home, US roadtrips, summers in Spain and secluded Icelandic farmstays. Being prepared proved -yet again- to be a blessing!


Hope being holistically prepared aids you too!

Xoxo Kyra.




(filled with holistic medicine)



We always bring a basic thermometer. We temp anally as this gives the most acurate result. Many doctors and nurses have advised me against an ear thermometer as it is very difficult to position correctly and thus in many instances gives a distorted result. We temp only if we really have to know the exact temperature. In many cases I simply place my lips against the skin of the neck of my daughters to learn if their temperature is elevated.



If our children have a fever and suffer from an infection I prefer to not burden their bodies with farmaceutical and synthetic drugs but opt for a gentle yet functional aid instead. In these instances we use chamomilla suppositories by antroposofical brand Weleda. Farmaceuticals such as paracetamol work as painkillers and lower your body temperature when there’s fever. Yet fever is your bodies way of fighting infectious disease. If you lower your temperature with drugs, you risk slowing down or halting that natural healing process called fever. During fever I’d like to monitor my children, to see if they remain alert. I prefer to assist their bodies at dealing with the infection by supporting the fever and I prefer to make them feel as comfortable as they can be whilst going through it. Chamomilla comp. has helped us many times.


ALCOHOL* (cruydhof)

Our  naturopathic first aid kit always has alcohol to desinfect instruments like thermometers and tweezers. I prefer an organic alcohol by Cruydhof, which has been produced in a regenerative manner, without the use of pesticides and or chemical fertilizers.



I make sure to bring rvs tweezers to remove ticks and splinters.


BAND AIDS (patch)

We make sure to always have plasticfree band aids on hand. These band aids by PATCH are biodegradable and compostable. My kids love to draw pictures on them before we place them over the wound. The drawing itself already takes the attention away from the pain and works as stand alone medicine.



Baking soda is one of the products I have around always. I use it as part of my homemade ORS, which prevents the body from dehydrating when there’s a fever or diarrhea. I gargle with it when I have mouth sores or throat pains. And I use it as a natural antiacid.



This bottle of tea tree essential oil will surely travel with us. It is the base for our insect repellent spray. It is used (diluted!) as a hand sanitizer. We use it as an antiseptic for small scrapes and cuts. For the latter I combine one drop of essential oil with a tbsp of an edible virgin oil such as coconut, walnut or olive, then apply it to the skin.



When we have minor cuts, scrapes, and burns as well as rashes and bug bites, we apply calendula salve. Calendula is very gentle on the skin and may help to ease dryness, cracks and itching. Also perfect if by some chance your nose has had a little too much sun ; )



Ever since I started my education as a naturopath, twenty (!) years ago I have never gone without having a bottle of rescue remedy around. This mix of flower remedies is suited for acute stress situations like emergencies, accidents and shock. It reduces fear, calms and restores trust. I also use it as a remedy for long car or airplane trips. It is medicine for the mind and soul. There’s an adult version as well as an alcohol free kids version.



On top of baking soda my ORS also contains sea salt, (palm) sugar, water and juice. Water and juice are easily available and I never bring them in the kit. Sugar and sea salt are easily available as well and store well. If you don’t want to leave anything to chance you could add a small amount of (palm) sugar and a small amount of sea salt to your first aid kit.



The last one in our naturopathic first aid kit is comfrey salve. Comfrey is an amazing flowering plant that grows abundantly in The Netherlands and on top of a great healer is also a fantastic carbon sequesterer. Symphytum is traditionally used to treat bruises, sprains and strains, wounds and joint aches. Having a salve, tincture or oil on hand is the most practical form of use. We usually use a salve as I find it the easiest to apply.


*Choose products made by hand from organic, local and wildcrafted ingredients.



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