The essence of Naturopathy is that every body has the innate wisdom to heal itself. We call this the self-healing mechanism, shown in the way wounds heal automatically and fevers fight infection. This incredible regenerative ability is not only visible in us, but in all of Nature.

In a similar way, when our body is out of balance, dis-ease and complaints may occur. The state of our internal terrain matters. This is why one person gets sick when in contact with germs and another, who has had the exact same contact, does not.


As a Naturopath it is my mission and priority to help you align with (your) Nature, aid and inspire this unique process of regeneration, help optimalize the state of your bodily terrain and facilitate a multi-leveled and sovereign way of healing and wellbeing.


In Naturopathy sovereignty is of utmost importance. It can be incredibly self-empowering to learn you are your own healer and all you need to get back to balance is inside. A Naturopath simply helps uncover, clarify, guide and ignite. Sometimes you need some external intervention (through conversation and realization, nutritional adjustment, acupuncture etc) to create the spark that will ignite your internal process towards harmony and healing.

As a Naturopath I treat each person as a unique individual by addressing all aspects of life: the physical, the emotional, the spiritual, the environmental, the lifestyle and the attitudinal. By doing this we can together uncover and treat the root cause of your health challenge.


Principles of Naturopathy


  1. First do no harm
  2. Use the healing power of (our) Nature
  3. Identify and treat the root cause of dis-ease
  4. Treat the whole persons terrain
  5. A Naturopath is a guide
  6. Promote and focus on prevention


On top of inspiring you through my books, e-books, programs, events and workshops I also provide individual Naturopathic consultations in Dutch or English. These consultations are either done:


1. remotely, as an e-consultation via (AVG/GDPR) secure videocalls OR

2. face to face, whilst hiking the forests of de Utrechtse Heuvelrug


The videocalls allow for us to connect where ever we are. This way those who live abroad can utilize my guidance also. The Naturopathic walking consultations might be better suited for those who live close by and prefer in person guidance. Through walking we can utilize motion, which is a catalyst for change, as well as establishing a direct (healing) connection to Earth.


Want to know more about the Naturopathic consultations I offer? You’re welcome to send me a personal e-mail with questions, Or book a FREE introductory call, see button below. Want to know more about me and my background? Feel free to head over to my biography and learn more!

Consultations & Programs

Through my webshop I offer a variety of different programs. Each of these programs has their own unique focus.

Eat plants

This program is for those who want to change their diet to a (mostly) plant-based diet and do it wisely. This program is for you if you are looking for a customized plant-based appoach, which suits your individual needs to thrive.

More about this program

Eat local

This program is for those who have the desire to eat local and seasonal and do it in an way which aligns with their specific circumstances and needs. This program is for you if you want to increase your vitality, nourishment, connection to the here and now and your (communities) self-reliance.

More about this program

Live whole

This program is for those who want to dive deep into their daily life and steer it towards their most regenerative version of living. This program is for you if you want to revitalize on multiple levels: both through nutrition, movement, purpose, surroundings as well as daily doings.

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Single consultation

On top of these programs you can also request a single consultation, during which we focus on your unique nutritional and/or health challenge.

I can help you get clarity regarding the roots of your nutritional or health challenge.

We can, together, find ways to restore physical, mental or spiritual balance and wellbeing.

We do this by addressing the root of your challenge or dis-ease and by igniting the self-healing mechanism.

I will give you a practical (treatment) plan to restore equilibrium through concrete and daily actions.

As a Naturopath I support you as an Autonomous Being, with the innate power to self-heal and in full charge of your own health and healing.


The naturopathic treatments I typically use are: nutritional, movement, breath and lifestyle adjustments, botanical medicine and therapeutic interviewing. All of these treatments work well in remote consultation settings.

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