new work: JC HERMAN

March 20th 2017


I’m beyond excited to show you a new project I have been working on: brand and lifestyle photography for the webshop of talented Amsterdam-based ceramic JC Herman. I have been a fan of Herman’s crockery from the very first moment I laid my eyes upon his work. In fact I own a cherished selection of his plates and cups. Ceramics we, as a family, have been eating off and drinking out of daily, for the past two years.



The focus of the project was to style and photograph the two unique series of handcrafted ceramics Herman offers. Each series comes in four colours, resulting in eight images to showcase the individual characters of each piece. To create an individual look for each series and at the same time have all of the images tell one story, I decided to work with the same set up and two different tones of dark. For piedi I decided on a Japanese theme and different shades of deep blue green. For rondo I decided on a Dutch theme with different shades of black and anthracite. You may take a look at the moodboard I created for JC Herman HERE.



The additional styling props were also selected based on their ‘heritage’. For piedi I worked more with Japanese inspired items such as blossom, noodles and chopsticks. For rondo I worked with traditional Dutch items like cheese, bread, tulips and a cheese slicer. I was lucky to be able to receive the finest styling materials from the prettiest shops. Pantoufle Design provided some wonderful cutting boards, brass objects, black wood spoons. &Klevering provided me with minimally designed candleholders, brass objects and vases. I worked with my favourite linens from By Mölle and Evert Groot. The backdrop was painted with natural chalkpaint, sponsored by Pure & Original. I chose to use the colors country blue and black smoke.



Thanks to all who contributed to the end result. You are a source of inspiration. And many congratulations to Herman on a new website, a new atelier and exciting new things for the future. It was an honor to be working with you and a daily joy to use your ceramics to nourish my family.



With gratitude,




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Photos and text (c) (copyright) kyra. at kyra’s kitchen.


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