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January 17th 2019


Last month I had the priviledge to do a foodphotography shoot for Sabine, Tim and chef Lex who work together on PHOOD. PHOOD is a brand new foodtruck, bringing a not so average foodtruck experience. It is a holistic endeavour of three passionate talents who combine healing arts, beauty, refined cooking and unrefined ingredients.


The exterior of the trailer is made from glass and steel, much like a glasshouse which adds to the transparant philosophy of their company. It is finished with a carefully designed and aesthetically appealing kitchen using gorgeous antracite coloured stone and RVS.


PHOOD will be book-able for parties and all other types of events and opens its see-through doors in February of 2019. Below you’ll find a selection of the images I shot for their website and social media and a little interview I did with them, for you to get to know them better and be inspired by what they bring to the world. Thanks for your visit and enjoy the read!


Love, Kyra.


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Who are Sabine and Tim?

We are two ambitious PHOOD-addicts who dream of a world in harmony with nature and her abundance. We are always looking to see how we can improve, be healthier and make things more beautiful. Yet in a simple and attainable way. Our love started in the kitchen. We were fascinated by unity, health and enjoyment. By simple happiness! By happy healthy food!

We love to share this in a way that has not been done before. We love to experiment visually, botanically and flavour-wise. Hence our larger than life and jawdropping PHOOD trailer, which will be ready for service this coming February.


What does PHOOD stand for?

PHOOD stands for pH+ food and drinks. All of our recipes are alkalizing and balancing. They are 100% sugarfree, glutenfree, dairyfree, chi energized and -as much as possible- plant-based. To us health and healing go hand in hand together with having a party. We feel this should be within reach for everyone. With PHOOD we work towards making this all a bit easier.


What inspires PHOOD?

We are inspired by the beauty, simplicity and grandeur of nature and how we move with her. We love Asian cuisine and Asian philosophies, which shows in our rolls, bowls and herbal drinks. On top of that we believe in the natural capacity of our body to heal itself. That’s why we chose to donate part of our profits to the Happilization Centre in Spain, as it is one of their biggest goals.


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