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October 3rd 2017


Past summer I was priveledged to work on an inspired project and help, in a tiny way, realize the dream of Monique and Marcello Castiglione. The Dutch couple, and their young daughter, moved to Tenerife last year to set up a retreat center in the beautiful finca Marcello’s father had build himself in the late seventies. The finca is situated on a hillside of a valley with magnificent views. Monique and Marcello’s dream was to create a yogaretreat center, Mandala de Masca, hosting yoga teachers from all around the globe. This way they could finance their principle dream, their foundation Yogini Rosa. Yogini Rosa offers affordable and even donates yogaretreats to women affected by breast cancer. No matter their finacial status, the women are welcomed to travel to this vulcanic Canary Island and share what they’ve been through with women who understand. Supported by Monique, who has experienced breast cancer herself, a team of professionals, yoga and delicious food, they are given the opportunity to reconnect to themselves and others.


My tiny role was to develop a delicious plant-based menu for the Yogini Rosa retreats as well as the regular yoga retreats held at Mandala de Masca. A few weeks ago I traveled south to meet the finca and the people behind it, to instruct the kitchen staff and take photos for Mandala de Masca’s website and flyers.

Here’s a little collage.


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