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January 11th 2018


As some of you know, the first part of my second pregnancy was coloured by a dramatic spree of morning sickness that lasted from late morning to late evening. For a few weeks on end I was not able to eat much at all, my stomach hurt from hunger pangs, and all I could manage was cool smooth food with a sour, slightly sweet, note. Luckily, this phase passed quickly and changed into a nausea lulled only by continiously eating foods of my craving. I was happy to loose the pains of an empty stomach, get some nourishment into my body and slowly welcome back the joy of eating. Nevertheless, nausea continued at least until week 16 and seems to return to my premises when I have taken on too much and feel tired. Through it all smoothies have been a lifesaver. I enjoyed their soothing and nourishing effect already during my first pregnancy,  with Lou, and they continue to be winners. I start my days by making a giant breakfast smoothie, that holds the flavours my queasy body so desires. Fresh and sour, with a slight hint of sweet, seem to be of most help. I enjoy this amount in two or three goes, to lessen the grip of nausea. Eating or drinking small amounts, more often, really does work wonders for those with morning sickness.


By eating the below mentioned breakfast smoothie I make sure I nourish me and growing baby with some amazing nutrients. The raw grass-fed kefir ensures a dose of much needed omega fatty acids, as well as some immunity boosting and gut health improving bacteria. The banana, flaxseeds and leafy veg provide a good amount of dietary folic acid called folate, which in my humble opinion is the one and only type of folic acid one should ever take. (More about this here) Whole flaxseeds also provide a good amount of ALA, a plant-based omega fatty acid the body can turn into EPA and DHA. These omega fatty acids are needed for many physiological processes including mama’s brain function, mood and hormonal balance. Omega 3’s also play a large role in babies neurological development, meaning they support the building of your little ones brain and nerves. No minor task!

One’s best off buying whole flaxseeds, as apposed to ground flaxseeds or flaxseed oil, as these turn rancid quite rapidly, which turns the healthy fats into not so healthy fats. I prefer berries in my omega smoothie as they ensure an endless supply of anti-oxidants. Berries rank amongst the most nutrient-dense fruits available and are not overly sweet, with a slight hint of sour, helping out those that deal with nausea.


To be frank, this smoothie could be well nourishing and wholesome during ALL stages of life. But it so happens to be shared during this stage of my life when it has helped and continues to help me, and many others, to nourish ourselves and our tiny bellybabies whilst dealing with the ‘joys’ of queasy. I hope it will help you too!


Much love and nourishment,

Xoxo Kyra.


(I’m teaching an inspired workshop on prenatal nutrition this coming January 26th 2018. Open to all interested in how plant-based foods can help nourish mama-to-be and growing baby, during all stages of motherhood. For fertility, to prepare for conception, during the trimesters, after birth and whilst breastfeeding. There’s a good chance this workshop will not be repeated so if you feel the pull, COME! More info here.)


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Omega smoothie


Makes: 1 large breakfast smoothie

Takes: 5 minutes



300 ml organic, raw, grass-fed, full-fat kefir

1 large ripe banana

1 tbsp whole flaxseeds

3 hands (frozen) (rasp)berries*

1-2 hands spinach or purslane**

Green herb of choice***

Good pinch of vanilla bean scrapings (optional)

Some (filtered) water


*Or pick another organic fruit of your craving.

**I find spinach and purslane to be the mildest in flavour. But naturally it is perfectly fine to choose any other leafy veg or a seasonal leaf of your liking.

***I enjoy mint, lemonbalm or verveine for a hint of freshness.



Place kefir, banana and flaxseeds in blender. Blend using smoothie mode, or at high speed. Add (frozen) fruits, leafy vegetable and herb. Blend once more . Check the flavour and consistency. If the smoothie’s too thick, add a bit of water and blend again. Enjoy (in multiple goes) as a soothing and nourishing breakfast.


TIP: If you drink this smoothie in multiple goes i recommend storing the following portions airtight and refridgerated until consumed. This way you make sure the smoothie retains all its nutrients.


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