minimalist skincare for winter


December 14th 2018


Have you ever noticed a difference in your skin? As soon as the wind picks up and a chill fills the air? I surely do! During autumn and winter my complexion not only morphes from sunkissed to pale, it tends to be dryer too. It flakes, feels ‘tight’, turns red in places and my lips get chapped. Unless I actually and actively prevent this from happening.


In Ayurveda this reaction of skin is related to increased ‘vata‘. This naturally happens when seasons change to cooler and windier. Increased vata can be balanced by adding warmth and by slathering with oils.  You can do this from the inside out, via the addition of warming spices to your stewy meals and by finishing them off with a good amount of sesame oil or ghee. But you can also do this by treating your skin differently, in line with ‘the season of moving cold’.


Below I share my organic minimalist (fall and winter) skincare routine. I’ve taken some of the ancient wisdoms of Ayurveda, my essentialist views and my love for all things sustainable, to find the perfect treatment for me. Hope it inspires to find what works for you too!


Love, Kyra.


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Step 1: I clean make-up and grime off of my skin using a foodgrade sesame oil.*

Step 2: I tone and refresh my skin using an organic witch hazel, which i use as a toner, by Primavera.

Step 3: I apply a nourishing concoction of organic oils and natural essences called Everyday Oil. It can be used for anything and everything. I also use it as a ‘hair mask’ and apply a bit of the oil on the inside of my nostrils to protect its delicate skin and membranes. It furthermore prevents, and helps with the sensations that come with, a cold.

Step 4: I apply my regular make-up (by Dr. Hauschka) and a protective balm, a tinted lipcare by LO amsterdam. **


*Only in the evening

**Only in the morning


What? Why? How?

As you can see I use but three traditional skincare products: toner, oil and balm. The Everyday Oil is used as both a day cream as well as a night cream. It nourishes deeply and protects my skin from the elements. It is a minimalists dream, a true all in one! I’ve tried A LOT of different organic skincare brands. Many of which have seperate daycreams, nightcreams, serums and all sorts of other ‘steps’ and products to use together as a routine. A complicated regime like this stressed me out a bit. I like things to be nice and simple. None of these organic brands worked as well as Everyday Oil and none of them were as easy to use.

The lipcare is balmy. The butters (shea, coconut, avocado), waxes and aloe vera moisturize, protect and nurture. It is tinted so works as a balm and a lipstick all at once. The witch hazel and the Everyday Oil come in a glass dispenser. I buy the Everyday Oil at a local shop. There’s no packaging involved. I order the witch hazel from a webshop called Natuurlijk Zuiver. They send all of their products in biodegradable packaging.  The tinted lipbalm by LO comes in a completely plastic-free container made from glass, wood and cork. It is so pretty, it hurts. All of LO’s shipping materials are 100% recyclable and compostable. How cool is that?!


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  • Sarah

    18.12.2018 at 18:30 Reply

    Thanks for sharing! Where do you buy the the Everyday Oil in NL? Thanks!

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