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Want to have on offer, always and at any time, delicious and nutritious snacks for everyone within (and visiting!) your household? WHOLESOME SNACKS offers this and more. This beautifully designed e-book was created with ease, deliciousness, sovereignty and nutritiousness as top priorities.

Store-bought snacks (even the organic ones!), like crackers, cookies and granola bars, often use a lot of plastic packaging and many exotic or hyperprocessed ingredients. On top of that these ‘healthful’ snacks usually come in small or single portions, which makes them extremely expensive.

With WHOLESOME SNACKS I present a simple, practical and delicious way to start making these snacks yourself, from local, fair and fresh ingredients. This saves both time and money and offers you pure quality.

The 28 page digital booklet holds 10 of our current favourite vega(n) snack recipes: both savoury as well as sweet ones. All of the recipes are designed in a flexible way, so you can customize them according to your location and dietary preferences.

A book for everyone who has hungry mouths to feed, wants to do this by nourishing deeply, does not want to be in the kitchen 24/7 and simply loves good and tasty food!




  • 28 pages.
  • 10 unique nutrient-dense snack recipes.
  • Recipes (9/10) are both vegan as well as vegetarian. You choose.
  • Freezable and storeable to save time and money.
  • Savoury and sweet options included.
  • Focus on local, seasonal and plant-rich.
  • Never before published recipes, photos and design by Naturopath, food photographer and awarded cookbook author Kyra de Vreeze.
  • Send to you as a high resolution PDF, to use on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

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