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Have you been dreaming about making and baking your own sourdough bread?

Are you a beginner at sourdough bread baking or struggling with getting the proces right?

Are you looking for an easy guided program that’s carefully curated and thoughtfully created to be both simple, practical, beautiful, empowering and informative?

Are you looking forward to learning this at your own pace, where ever and when ever it suits you best?

Do you want to dive into the world of wild fermentation and traditional bread baking?

Then look no further!


This program includes:

  • Guidance for beginners, or for those who are still struggling with (parts of) the process
  • A planned out program that exactly tells you what to do and when
  • Clear, full and exact step by step PDF guide how to bake sourdough bread from scratch
  • Tailor-made instructional video’s by Kyra
  • Lecture video
  • Q&A’s by those who have come before you
  • Possibility to ask Kyra your personal questions via e-mail


In this practical 10 day program you will learn:

How to bake fresh sourdough bread

How to select and source the most nutrientdense quality ingredient

How to create,  nourish and care for a sourdough starter

What to do with the sourdough discard

How to make a predough, do autolyses & stretch ‘n fold

The art of resting, shaping & baking your own bread

Why these processes are important

And other food items you can make with your sourdough (like pizza!)


For this program you need:

  • An oven that goes up to 250 degrees Celsius
  • A cast iron ovenproof pot with lid (you can also borrow this from a friend or neighbour)
  • Kitchen scales (or a measuring cup)
  • A large bowl, a glass jar, a spoon and a (few) tea towel(s)
  • Flour and water
  • A bit of time and attention
  • That’s it! No fancy equipment needed!


PRICE: €99




NOTE: This workshop is NOT specifically for gluten-free sourdough bread baking. Yet we will discuss how, through variety selection, milling and slow rising, sourdough bread can -naturally- become close to gluten-free and suitable for those who experience physical challenges and complaints when eating conventional (non home-baked) bread.



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4 reviews for online program:SOURDOUGH BREAD

  1. Darlene Buunen (verified owner)

    With no bread-baking experience so far, I was looking for something that would guide me through each step of the process. Kyra’s workshop suited me perfectly. Very clear instructions and videos of each step, e-mail guidance when needed, a handbook for future reference and lovely Zoom sessions for support and Q&A with fellow participants. The bread I was able to bake looked great and tasted even better. Baking our own sourdough bread has now become a regular thing in our household. Thanks Kyra! I would highly recommend this workshop!

  2. Emi

    I absolutely loved this course, it’s set out so well, each step super easy to follow and Kyra explains it step by step. Also with videos you can rewatch to refresh yourself.

    I’ve since been baking once a week and enjoying the ritual of traditional bread baking 🙂

    So much fun, thank you Kyra!

  3. Linda

    Yes! I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is dreaming of baking his (her!) own sourdough bread.

    Kyra has made a clear step-by-step tutorial that guides you through the whole process and her tastefully styled videos with instructions explain even more. The online zoom meetings were excellent for the additional questions we had as students, plus Kyra shared interesting in-depth background information.

    Since then I’m proudly baking my own sourdough breads; a new tradition! Thank you Kyra 🙂

  4. Ethelka (verified owner)

    Dit was en is nog steeds zo leuk om te doen! Kyra heeft zo’n mooi en duidelijk programma gemaakt dat het nooit kan mislukken.
    Ik was zo trots op mijn eerste eigen gebakken brood en het werd zo goed ontvangen dat het op was voor ik een dansje met mijn broodje kon doen 😉
    En nu heerlijk verder aan het experimenteren met de starter, de ‘overblijfsels’ en andere mensen blij aan het maken met de zuurdesemstarters die bij mij de pot uit rijzen.

    Dank je wel Kyra voor deze leuke ervaring en jouw fijne support en begeleiding. x

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