quicky: corn & watercress pesto

A quicky is a simple and fast yet highly nutritious and delicious recipe. Because sometimes you need that extra minute saved to take a deep breath, dance, sit and observe, hug a friend, do laundry, drink mocktails in the park, save the world or salute the sun.


This recipe was inspired by my late father, my motherland Curaçao, endless summers and BBQs galore. Although my father was not much of a cook, he used to grow his own crop of corn then harvest it and give it to his neighbours who had very little. He was weird and complex but highly creative and incredibly generous. He embodied ‘less is more’ and through his life I was reminded we really only need love and imagination to thrive and be happy. Life is worthless without love. Life grows when shared. We transcend, elevate and become capable of utter greatness when we are loved and when we love back. Imagination will inspire and nourish your love. It will give you the foundation to create and make your love tangible. From imagination come dreams, from dreams come actions and from actions comes reality. If you combine imagination and love, and if you allow love to guide your imagination, everyone and all will benefit.


When I took my first bite from this pesto slathered corn I was reminded of that. It lifted me right up, to that space where time is of no importance. And all you feel is gratitude for your roots, connection to the present and absolutely zero hurry to make your first step into the future. Life is good. Simple rules. Nature rocks. Love is all. Let’s celebrate!


Xoxo kyra.

'If you allow love to guide your imagination everyone and all will benefit.'


Corn slathered in watercress pesto


Makes 4 portions

Takes 15 minutes




4 cobs of corn*



100 grams watercress

2 hands sunflower seeds, raw, hulled

5 tbsp olive oil, extra virgin

½ tbsp apple cider vinegar

½ tsp sea salt, or to taste

1 tsp nutritional yeast flakes (optional)


Optional garnishes:

Extra sunflower seeds, dry roasted

Sprinkles of watercress leaves

Drizzles of raw honey or rice syrup



Remove outer husk from corn. Place corn in ample amounts of water, no salt added. Bring to a boil and cook for 10 minutes or so. While corn is cooking make pesto. Use a large strainer to rinse watercress and set aside to drain. Heat a dry skillet and add sunflower seeds. Roast until golden. Turn heat off, let cool. Place watercress in food processor (or use hand-blender), add sunflower seeds, olive oil, apple cider vinegar and (optionally) nutritional yeast flakes. Add half of the sea salt. Pulse until a pesto-like consistency appears. Taste and choose whether to add more sea salt. Place in a jar and top with some more olive oil. This will keep the pesto fresh. Place in the fridge and use when desired. To plate this dish: strain corn, rub with pesto and place one cob of corn on each plate. Garnish with sprigs of watercress, dry roasted sunflower seeds and a wedge of lemon.


*Most conventional corn is genetically modified. That’s why I choose to eat biodynamic (organic) corn exclusively. Of your corn is labelled biodynamic is will never be GMO.

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