simply daytox & beet soup

Dear you,

It is with much joy that I announce the launch of my latest book, Simply Daytox.

I’ve created Simply Daytox for it to be a beacon of calm in this fast, full and busy world. Reading it does not only offer temporary refuge, simplicity and stillness. It allows and guides you to find those beacons of calm within your own life, everywhere and everyday.

To truly make it your own, honor your unique needs and learn when your life requires you to simplify and slow down, the book has been set up as a 7-day program. You’ll be guided to cook simpler, eat simpler, live simpler, slow down, dive in, clean up and clear out. You’ll learn about yourself, your talents, your traps and your tendencies and, as a result, gain insight about what’s essential to your personal wellbeing. By doing this you will be gifted with time, clarity and a sense of peace and space. You’ll relax, which is an absolute requirement for enjoying every precious day of your life in a content, calm and centered manner.



-Do you feel rushed, stressed or restless?

-Are you easily distracted?

-Do you feel dissatisfied?

-Are you always striving for better and more?

-Are you having difficulty making choices and decisions?

-Is your home, head, agenda or fridge overly full?

Did you answer one of these questions with YES? I’ve written this book for YOU!


Simply Daytox

Simply Daytox is a 7-day program to slow down and simplify when life is fast, full and busy. The program includes yoga, nutritional guidelines, recipes, (writing) exercises and lifestyle tips. These recipes contain no more than 6 affordable (plant-based) ingredients. All meals take 15 minutes, or less, to prepare. Yoga poses and (writing) exercises are simple and enjoyable for all levels.



Simply Daytox will be available in Dutch first and can be purchased via BOL.COM, all major book dealers or (even better) your local indie bookshop. Books should be in shops from the 10th of December 2016, onward. Are you in Utrecht this Sunday, December 11th? Come say hi, ask me anything, purchase one of the very first copies of Simply Daytox and have it signed by yours truly. Please sign up for the ‘meet & greet’ HERE.



To celebrate the launch of Simply Daytox, and to offer you a taste of its contents, I am honored to present an exclusive preview. All of the images in this post are from the book and taken by yours truly. I’ve also added a small gift to this post, one of the recipes Simply Daytox holds. It is a simple but ‘oh so good’ soup using cold season ingredients, amongst which the mighty beet. Scroll down to view the recipe and get cooking.


Can’t wait for us to connect over soup and simplifying!

Xoxo Kyra.



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'Do less, with more attention and appreciation.' (KYRA.)


Beet soup, with fennelseeds


Makes 1 portion

Takes 13 minutes



1 medium (140 grams) red beet, peeled

1 small (100 grams) sweet potato, washed

1 tsp fennelseeds

2 tsp organic grass-fed ghee*

Splash of fresh lemon juice

Couple of pinches sea salt



Peel the beet, cut beet and sweet potato in small equal sized pieces. Place in soup pot, add 175 ml of waterand fennelseeds. Cook for 10-12 minutes, until beets are soft. Place into a blender or use a handblender. Add ghee, sea salt and lemon juice. Blend until creamy.


*To make vegan use a plant oil such as coconut.


Simply Daytox | Becht Publishers | ISBN 9789023015000 | €18,99 | BUY SIMPLY DAYTOX HERE



All images and text (c) by kyra. at kyra’s kitchen.


  • Kaat van den eynde

    09.12.2016 at 09:36 Reply

    Dag Kyra

    Is jouw boek verkrijgbaar in Belgie?
    Fijne dag

    • Kyra

      12.01.2017 at 17:43 Reply

      Hi Kaat,
      Dank je wel!
      Simply Daytox is zeker ook in de Vlaamse (online) winkel te koop : )
      Veel leesplezier!
      Grts Kyra.

  • Frederique

    12.01.2017 at 15:44 Reply

    OH MY! That beet soup! Your blog has the most delicious recipes honestly, love it!
    xx Frederique

    • Kyra

      12.01.2017 at 17:44 Reply

      Thanks Frederique!
      Happy to hear you’re enjoying my journal and all the food featured : )
      See you again soon,
      Grts Kyra

  • Lindy

    09.02.2017 at 03:44 Reply

    When and where may I purchase English edition of you glorious book?

    • Kyra

      15.02.2017 at 21:21 Reply

      hi lindy,
      there’s no english version of simply daytox YET.
      but we’re working hard to make that happen 🙂
      to be continued!
      xoxo kyra.

  • maaike

    21.05.2017 at 22:01 Reply

    Hoi Kyra,

    Prachtig en interessant boek.

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