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December 22nd 2017


The past months have been incredible and intense at the very same time. A few weeks after returning from our family trip to Iceland, my husband and I found out tiny life was growing inside of me. We had been wishing for a child for little less than a year and had been actively trying for a couple of months. The fact that I wasn’t pregnant after the first month came as a bit of a surprise. I mean I knew rationally it could take a few months, but since I fell pregnant with Lou immediately after trying I had assumed I would with our second one too. In fact it wasn’t until I stopped making ‘the perfect pregnancy planning’, started letting go of assumptions and went on holidays to a place I have this magical and incomprehensible connection with (Iceland) that this tiny person actually decided to enter our existence. I really do believe a soul chooses if, when and how it will make its entrance and I applaud the tiny person inside my belly for its wise timing. Lesson learned. Life can not be controlled. It is wild and free and it is made out of pure and jawdropping magic. In our case, the soul inside me decided to show up after a crystal clear day spend around humpback whales, when northern lights danced overhead and brought us to our knees in the cool arctic midnight grass. When we saw Earth and God as one and a comet passed through curtains of swirling aurora light.


It sounds like a fairytale, but that’s not all pregnancy (or motherhood) is. It is all of that magic, but it is raw and challenging and gritty too. It is the sky, it is the soil. It is about digging deep and lifting high, and all that is in between.


Six weeks into our pregnancy the nausea started. It was a kind of nausea I hadn’t experience before. I felt so sick, I wasn’t able to eat. A bit of sour fruit (kiwi, green apple, pomegranate) I could manage, but other than that everything made me feel like throwing up. Even someone talking about food could ignite a giant spark of nausea, which was slightly problematic as I work as a (food and lifestyle) photographer, recipe developer, (culinary) writer and teacher of (cooking) classes. Luckily after only a few weeks of not being able to eat, my appetite returned. My morning-afternoon-evening sickness changed from not being able to eat at all to having to have to eat to temper the nausea. I was basically eating small bites 18 hours a day.


For someone who loves food as much as I do, and works around food pretty much daily, the past months have been challenging. But now that I am 16 weeks pregnant the nausea is almost gone and I am able to eat at regular times and enjoy (spending time around) food like I used to. Hallelujah!


This being with child has sparked in me many things, new article ideas being one of them. I will be writing various pieces about different subjects that have to do with slow, holistic pregnancy. A slow, holistic pregnancy which revolves around being conscious and aware and about making decisions based on trust and your inner voice rather than someone elses ideas or fears. Think inspired articles regarding prenatal skincare, prenatal nutrition, slow maternity wear, babies sustainable wardrobe, setting up an organic nursery and much much more.


Below I’ll share what good has come out of this two month nausea spree, because I feel everything has a reason so it must have been somehow necessary for me to experience it. Scroll down to read more.


Will you follow me along this magical route of becoming a mama once more? You are more than welcome to!


Wishing you loving and peaceful holidays,

Xoxo Kyra.



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Good things that came out of morning sickness:

1. I lost my appetite for coffee, which meant I went from three to four (!) cups per day to none whatsoever for at least two months. It would have probably been much more difficult for me to diminish the amount of coffee consumed if I hadn’t experienced the nausea. I have now gone back to drinking one cup of slowly brewed coffee per day. And it is no problem for me to keep it at that.

2. I started drinking more water and herbal teas. Whereas I used to ‘forget’ to drink, the nausea acted as a reminder and made me drink neutral drinks like water and lightly steeped infusions.

3. Nausea made me take rest. It brought me to the knees and made me choose between the things that were essential and that which was trivial. The trivial could wait and I would hop into bed and take a nap, pretty much daily. Taking extra rest could prove challenging as a working mama. On my days with Lou I simply took her along and she would read books while I napped. On my workdays I went home early and reserved time for napping, just before cooking. Rest (and especially listening to your bodies desires!) during the first trimester is vital, as much energy goes to building babies strong foundation and getting used to all the changes that come with that.


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Cream coloured skirt by one of my favourite slowfashion boutiques Adiuvantes.


  • Nicke Smeets

    22.12.2017 at 15:37 Reply

    Ik ben heel benieuwd naar je artikelen Kyra:)! X Nicke

  • Christie dovale

    22.12.2017 at 22:43 Reply

    You are asanaing and more than yourmom was when i knew her way back when, it seems so long ago when you were born.

    I believe that children born pick their parents i truly do! And i am very excited for you both.
    A loveky gift fir your first born Lou too!

    Congratulations Kyra
    Another vegan to walk this earth
    God bless?
    And….merry chritmas

  • Willy faay

    22.12.2017 at 23:26 Reply

    Pabien kyra en gezin!
    Precies dezelfde mand jouw mand dus waar jij in gelegen hebt staat denk ik nog bij op zolder.
    Een fijne zwangerschap.

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