spiced pumpkin chia with matcha cream

When it comes to food and life, I’ve always followed my personal desires and traditions and put to the side other peoples opinions and trends. That’s the exact reason why I did not ever consume a bite of chia . It was too trendy for my liking, an expensive craze that I did not feel following. My body craved homemade spelt sourdough, sauerkraut, sprouts and almondbutter. I wanted foods with history and heritage rather than commercialized health claims. Who decides what healthy looks like anyway?

Exactly a year ago a client requested a set of recipes using chia seeds. And because I love adventures as much as traditions, I took the opportunity and got well acquainted with this mini seed. The client was happy with the results and I was happy with the chia. Because of course chia is not just a commercialized trend, it is an actual and natural food, a gift from nature.

And you know what? These seeds do have a rich history. They were used by the Aztecs to promote supernatural powers. One of the traditional chia recipes is called ‘Chia Fresca, which is a refreshing drink that has been served in Latin America for well over centuries. It is a cross between an energy drink and a bubble tea. Purely natural, of course!

I don’t eat chia puddings often but there are days when I feel a craving. And since that craving occurs during winter as well as any other season I have created a cold-season appropriate version of the dish. This pumpkin chia parfait contains warming cayenne and ginger and liver cleansing olive oil and orange. The chia layer is like a warm blanket, the matcha layer like a sweet embrace. Matcha green tea is a perfect winter food for it gives back that bit of energy that might be lost throughout the darker cooler days. A low GI sweetener balances its natural bitter tones and vanilla adds a final luxurious touch.


Xoxo Kyra.


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'Chia seeds have a rich heritage and history. They were used by the Aztecs to promote supernatural powers. There are many ancient Latin American recipes using this tiny seed as a nutritional and tasteful centerpiece.'


Spiced pumpkin chia pudding with matcha vanilla cream


Makes 1 serving

Takes 15 minutes



Chia Layer

5 tbsp pumpkin puree*

2 tbsp coconut cream***

1 orange, juice

5×1 cm fresh ginger root, peeled and grated

1 tsp extra virgin olive oil

1 pinch cayenne pepper

3 drops organic vanilla extract

3 hands chia seeds


Matcha Cream Layer

3 tbsp coconut cream***

2 tbsp brown rice syrup

½ tsp matcha green tea powder

15 drops organic vanilla extract


* This equals ½ medium baked pumpkin, 30-40 minutes at 190 degrees Celsius.

** I use the solid parts from a BPA-free can of organic coconut milk by dr Goerg.



To make the chia layer: place pumpkin puree, coconut cream orange juice, grated ginger root, cayenne and vanilla in food processor, or use handblender. Blend until a smooth liquid appears. Whilst blending, slowly add the olive oil. Pour liquid in a bowl, add chia seeds to it and combine delicately, using a spoon or spatula. Make sure all chia seeds are covered by liquid, to prevent them from clotting together. Place in glass or bowl and let sit for an hour or overnight. Make the matcha cream by placing coconut cream, sweetener, matcha and vanilla in a bowl. Use whisk to make into a smooth (liquid) cream. Pour on top of the chia layer and (preferably) place into the freezer for 30 minutes. This will make the cream firm up a little. In case of little time, skip the freezer, sprinkle with fresh mint and eat straight away.



A fully raw version can be made by using pumpkin juice, raw coconut cream, raw vanilla pod and your choice of clear raw liquid sweetener.


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photos, recipe and text (c) copyright kyra. @ kyra’s kitchen.


  • valentina | sweet kabocha

    15.01.2016 at 06:31 Reply

    Oh my….it’s wonderful. I love those colors together and the match matcha-pumpkin seems so interesting!
    Thanks to be so inspiring, xo

  • Nina Olsson

    16.01.2016 at 23:09 Reply

    Really love the look and sounds of this. Beautiful styling, Kyra!

  • Carlie

    05.10.2017 at 21:08 Reply

    Lekker! Thank you for the inspiration, have had those chia seeds for over a year not really knowing what to make of those… This recipe was really super xx

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