star porridge

A quicky is a simple and fast yet highly nutritious and delicious recipe. Because sometimes you need that extra minute saved to take a deep breath, dance, sit and observe, hug a friend, do laundry, build a fire, save the world or knit a shawl. This breakfast recipe is perfect for cool autumn and winter mornings. It uses season appropriate spices (star anise, Chinese 5 spice and vanilla) to warm you right up. It gifts you with that bit of extra sweet to balance the bitter cold depth of winter. Starting your day with this easy fast-breaker will surely leave you feeling nurtured, balanced and at ease. Enjoy!

Xoxo kyra.

'Star anise is rich in shikimic acid, which is one of Natures most powerful anti-flu medicines. Shikimic acid is even more powerful when paired with quercetin rich foods such as capers, lovage and cranberries.'


Star Porridge


Makes 1 portion

Takes 10 minutes



2 hands oats

1 tbsp cranberries (=10 pieces)

1 small tsp Chinese 5 spice powder

1 tbsp date syrup

150 ml almond mylk

150 ml water

½ tsp vanilla extract

2 stars of anise


With (per serving)

50 ml almond mylk

2 stars of anise (from cooking)

Sprig of tarragon OR rosemary

Sprinkle of almond flakes

Drizzle date syrup



Place all the items named under ingredients in a cooking pot and bring to a soft boil. Let simmer for 8 minutes, turn heat off and take star anises out. Put lid on and let sit until service. Rinse and dry star anises to use as decoration. To serve place porridge in bowl, top with almond mylk, a (few) sprig(s) of herbs, two star anises and a sprinkle of almond flakes.

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