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September 1th 2017


It’s been a long and deeply cherished dream of mine to have a space to work from. A place where I can let my mind wander and wonder. A place where I can realize those very ideas, thoughts and desires. A place that functions both as my creative playground, as well as a space for us to meet and share food and life, in a beautiful open setting. I talked about how I gained that extra bit of focus, vision and energy to realize my dream here. It took a bit of guts, but this past summer I’ve worked hard to make that very dream come true.


I had seen photo’s of the studio even before my trip to France and just felt incredibly drawn to it. After my return home I contacted the owner and visited. I knew right there and then that it was a big YES. A few weeks later I signed the contracts, received the keys and started the remodel. The 54m2 space, with 4 meter high ceilings, needed some serious TLC. The painters who had been renting the space before me had dropped buckets of multi colored paint on the floors and the studio had not been cleaned for (what seemed) years.


I wanted the space to be minimal, in line with its industrial feel and furnished with natural, sustainable and honest design and materials. I painted the walls with natural white chalkpaint  to enhance its airyness and brightness. The concrete floors were painted with grey floorpaint, to cover the paint stains, but stay as close to its roots as possible. The radiators needed four layers of  non toxic radiator paint.


As soon as the paint had dried I started furnishing the space with items I had carefully selected for their beauty, durability and sustainability. I decided to use a combination of stainless steel, concrete, wood, ceramics, enamel and linen, my favourite materials! As for their background, I wanted to combine new, handmade, reused and vintage.


It took me a month and a half to finish the studio and get it in tip top shape for the first workshop, last weekend. Five fantastic women joined me to talk about nutrition and intentional living. I explained the basics of holistic plantbased eating, we cooked, goofed around, cross-inpired, shared hopes and struggles and enjoyed the lunch we made, together. Workshops like these will be organised every month, for a small group of five. Themes will differ slightly but they all revolve around slow and conscious living. The upcoming workshop AUTUMN will focus on nutrition and holistic lifestyle advise and inspirations to stay healthful, balanced and in sync with the upcoming season of fall. If you’d like to join this, or a future event, please feel free to send me an e-mail!


The studio will also be used for recipe development, besproke writing, cross-creative gatherings, holistic concept development and photography and styling for pure and sustainable makers and brands. I am beyong excited about all the things that will be created and shared here.


Thanks to all of the people who helped me realize this dream, I will continue to nurture it with gratitude and joy.


Xoxo Kyra.



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Below you will find some before and after shots. For the remodel I was honored to work with a curated and select amount of inspiring brands and makers who generously donated their products and help me build this beauty from the ground up. I will talk about these, and the other furnishings I chose,  further below.


studiospacekyra before after 1studiospacekyra before after 3studiospacekyra beforeIMG_2676BBB4studiospacekyra before after 2studiospacekyra scandinavian design slowlivingstudiospacekyra slowliving slowfoodstudiospacekyra slowdesign slowliving




Mobile kitchen.

-RVS counter top: second-hand from a professional kitchen.

-White steel and concrete kitchen trolley: by SERAX* Customized with a reclaimed beech wooden plank for extra storage.

-Wooden shelves: EMKO foldin shelf by small local family owned company GETHOEKED*

-Pot and pans: vintage Arabia Finel enamel pot, new enamel pan by Riess, new steel skillet by DeBuyer.

-Cutting boards, mortar and utensil holder: by Amsterdam based company WOODEN*

-Ceramics: by my friends and inspirators Notary Ceramics, Annemieke Boots and JC Herman.

-Marble: by  LIJNS.


Dining area.

-White foldable chairs: vintage Sóley chairs by Icelandic designer Valdimar Harðarson for Kusch. I repainted them white.

-Wood coloured chair: vintage oak chair, Scandinavian design.

Temporary table: Lisabo by Ikea.

-Wooden stool: handmade by local family run company WOODCHUCK*

-Wooden amplifyer: named trobla, by small Amsterdam based company WOODEN*



-Cabinet: vintage beech wood Montessori school cabinet.



-Paint: natural white chalk paint for the walls and white rhino floor paint by Dutch company PURE & ORIGINAL*

-Ladder: handmade wooden ladder by family owned company

-Linen drying and storing rack: from inspiring makers BYMOLLE*

-Linens: by notperfectlinen and bymolle.


*Many thanks to all inspiring and talented local makers, brands and shops who generously sponsored their products and believed in my vision. Forever grateful!


studiospacekyra slowliving workshopskyra holding grapes studiospacekyrakitchen minimal studiospacekyra


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Photos, styling and text (c) (copyright) kyra. at kyra’s kitchen.

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