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November 16th 2017


Winter, to me, is all about cosying up. It’s about creating an inviting comfy home and about keeping warm and dry while enjoying the wet and the cold of the outdoors. Layering helps me to do so. I use a combination of fabrics. A silk undershirt, a wool t-shirt, a beautiful organic knit and a patted linen jacket. I even own a pair of wool pants and thick wool silk tights.


And because I am all about living slow and sustainably I choose my wardrobe to be just that. Capsule wardrobing is a lovely way to add such a dash of consciously curated beauty to your life. It is about choosing only the things that are really essential. It is about being selective, deciding what you find truly beautiful and valuable. And in my opinion being selective is an act of sustainability in itself.


My total winter capsule wardrobe is made out of second-hand pieces, new pieces by medium scale sustainable brands and hand-made pieces by tiny boutiques focused on fair. I wear these winter clothes from autumn until spring, then select the ones that are still perfectly wearable to store until the next winter season arrives. I sell, donate or throw away the ones that are not suitable any longer or damaged. This is usualy very few as I buy quality pieces that stay impeccable for years and years to come.


I choose a colourpalet that suits me and the time of year. For winter I prefer faded teints like faded black, grey, cream, latte, chestnut, brown, mustard and a hint of pale pink winter sky, which almost looks like a pastel version of pumpkin orange. I choose colours that all combine really well, which makes it easy to assemble my daily outfits.


The items themselves combine really well too. I own about 30 autumn-winter pieces like jeans, wool pants, a skirt, tights, shirts, knits, wool- linen jackets, a ring, two bracelets, two pairs of earrings, a handbag, a backpack, a scarf, some sturdy boots and some rather elegant oxfords. As well as a bunch of warm undies, silk undershirts and organic cotton, silk and wool socks, not included in the main capsule of 30 pieces.


I love going out everyday and any day of the year, no matter the weather. And to do so I need to wrap myself in sheets of chunky fabric. Fabric to protect from the cold as well as the intensity of Dutch rain. Wool is perfect for that as it is naturally water resistant and delightfully warm. Below you will find my favourite look for heading outdoors this winter. It looks great with jeans as well as an above the knee dress with tights or more dressy trousers. Its versatility, and the roots of each individual piece, makes this outfit a sustainable hallelujah. The brands mentioned are true slow style treasures in a world that’s moving faster every day. I’ve also added some other fair brands who carry winter essentials that I love. And to make the article complete I’ve penned down some general tips when creating a well-curated and conscious winter wardrobe.


Stay warm, stay cosy,

Xoxo Kyra.


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The coat is by one of my new favourite brands called MATKA. They are so cool, I can hardly believe it. What makes them MATKA special? In a world of mass production MATKA chooses otherwise and produces one of a kind garments. The coat you see is one of only two ever made, handsown by Vishnu Maharjan in Kathmandu, Nepal and labeled 2/2. MATKA clothing is timeless, non seasonal, and made from exclusively handwoven natural fibers like raw silk, cashmere, wool, linen, cotton, bamboo, hemp, and nettle. Other fair winter coats I like: this pretty thing by Lauren Manoogian.


The shawls are by Dutch slow fashion textile brand Winter in Holland. Their beautiful wool shawls are socially made less than 50 kilometers from my home, in Amsterdam. I love Winter in Holland’s minimal aesthetic and use of natural materials. The grey shawl pictured has this beautiful gradient quality to it and is called ‘fog’, which I loooooove and I think fits winter perfectly. Other honest wintery shawls I like: the items from ARMED ANGELS woolwear collection, like this one.


The knit is by Friday’s Project, an European family owned business that aims to work trend-less with sustainable and no-waste materials. They have a new knit collection made from 100% recycled fibers. How cool is that?! Friday’s Project’s knits are available at Fridays Project, Verse good store and The Domestic Botanist. Other knitted cool weather sweaters I like: those by Aiayu, like this one.


The bag is by inspiring Christiane Smit of TIANE TENUI. Christiane’s bags are timeless, simple, elegant and made to order. Her bespoke designs have an air of pure craftsmanship as every bag has been hand stitched in such a thoughtful and caring way, you can’t but be in awe it. They are to be loved and used for life. I’m in love with this beltbag, which comes both as a beltbag as well as the evening bag pictured. Other bags I like: this top roll rucksack by THISISPAPER for daytime and this cute bamboo bag from local SOLITUDE IS BLISS.


The boots are by Danish shoebrand Duckfeet, who have been making vegetable tanned leather shoes. The shoes are handcrafted in Europe using natural and sustainable materials only.  All components are sourced within the EU, making Duckfeet truly revolutionary. I love their sturdy yet minimal look.  Other winter shoes I like: the simplest of booties by punto pigro.




-choose about 30 pieces.

-choose clothes that layer well.

-choose clothes that keep you warm when you stay in or when you go out.

-choose colours that go with the season.

-choose colours and items that ALL combine well.


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Special thanks to model Tina de Groot at Special Max.

Shoot styling, production and photography Kyra. at Kyra’s Kitchen.

Items mentioned have been carefully curated by Kyra.

Copyright on all images.

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