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September 20th, 2018.


One of the best decisions this year has been to plan a two week family getaway to conclude my maternity leave. My husband had insisted on booking a trip over half a year ago. Back than I merely obliged but now I actively praise his persistence. His dedication to and love for the concept of holidaying took me out of my context and straight into contact.


My top priority -these past postnatal months- had been to rest and recover. Yet being at home made it difficult to fully go into recovery mode. Days were filled to the brim with the practicalities that come with caring for two young kids and making a home. Things I usually and genuinely enjoy doing. Daily loads of laundry, sweeping the kitchenfloor, cloth diapering, planning wardrobes, wiping faces and behinds, grocery shopping, harvesting, preparing lunchboxes, cooking simple or inspired dinners and doing school pick-ups. Before I knew it I was doing it ALL and everyone around me assumed I was ready and able again. But really, I wasn’t. I wasn’t rested, nor was I feeling reenergized. By no means was I ready to start a new season of work, full forced. I felt like I needed a retreat. And that’s when we took off to spend over a forthnight in Spain.


I draped my body over a sunbed, placed in the shade of palmtrees and stared at the sky. I floated in the sea and listened to the underwater sound of waves moving pebbles. I went grocery shopping zero times. I cleaned the dishes once. I temporarily paused cloth diapering. I let the rays warm my cheeks. I reclined multiple times per day and looked deep into the eyes of our children. I talked about birth and fears and dreams and desires, then cried in my husbands arms. I lived on paella and gazpacho and dark chocolate. My husband served me coffee in bed every single morning. We listened to Tomorrow Never Knows, Cheek to Cheek and Moondance on record, as a family, from bed, every sunrise. I looked at Venus in the midnight sky and sang along with Beyonce. I sat. I slept. I bathed. I meandered. I stayed. I hummed. I dragged. I skipped. I danced. I kissed. I sobbed. I goofed around. And I did it all barefeet, wearing a simple bathingsuit.


There is something incredibly liberating about solely wearing swimwear. About throwing on a clear and simple uniform for weeks on end. No fuss, no hassle. All the things I did, and didn’t, and the uniform I wore, has helped me to feel freer, more rested and more spacious. I am ready to be placed back into my context. The context I struggled with for a bit but now see and love with deeper understanding.


Below I share the specific ‘uniform’ I wore, and a few other sustainable beachwear brands I’ve fallen in love with. Add some salty locks and bare soles, et voila! You’re ready for a few weeks of total fuss free living!



Xoxo Kyra.


(Listen to inspiring words about rest, reflection and retreat type vacations via this podcast episode of Hurry Slowly.)



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For this specific trip I took two uniforms, or bathingsuits. A one piece and a bikini. I was a bit late purchasing these suits (researching and buying swimwear was simply not on my mind this summer) but I found these sustainable ones made from recycled fibres, at WEEKDAY. This Scandinavian brand proves to be a budget friendly option when going for eco conscious. The bikini is straight forward in shape with a high waisted bottom and a rich burgundy colour. The perfect shade for a autumn or winter holiday. The one piece is off-white and a bit modern minimalist. It’s dressier than the bikini and easily transforms into a beautiful lunch outfit when you add a high-waisted tube skirt and some sandals or flats.


I have found a couple of other inspiring sustainable swimwear brands that I feel are worth checking out. In fact, I am so excited about these makers I will be choosing my next suit from one of them. They are:


RUMEUR is a brand with Finnish roots. Their pieces are made of Italian high quality yarn, regenerated out of plastic bottles and fishing nets collected from the ocean. I love their HEINA top and HANKO bottom in sage.


SEPTEMBER is a modern, minimalist and sustainable surf and swimwear brand. Their fabric comes from 78% regenerated nylon comprised mainly of ghost fishing nets recovered from our oceans and old carpets. The recycled nylon is woven with 22% Xtra Life Lycra®, which is two times more resistance to chlorine and has a UV protection of 50. SEPTEMBER says ‘our unique fabric has increased shape retention and higher durability than mainstream swimwear fabric.’ Durability also means sustainability. I’m in love with their MALIBU ONE PIECE, especially the one in ivory and burnt sienna.


NATASHA TONIC has a minimalistic approach. Their sustainable swimwear is designed for those who like to pack light and made from fabric that’s based around a unique, natural hemp fiber. It is anti-microbial, UV resistant, durable and a healthier choice for your skin. I think their one string bikini top and bottom is so chique and elegant.


PHILOMEN STUDIO is based in Budapest. Their HILDA swimsuit is made from high quality recycled Italian fabric and looks nothing less than divine.


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